About Us

Our story

Executive Summary

Pure Soul is a center Establish before 3 years ago with Coach Awatif Alsabah, that focus on Training and development of human skills and behavior in various matters of life also the center has a Location of managing the activities of any Coach that want to cooperate with us.

The Services that Provide for Our Clients

We Provide our Client a high quality of service from starting journey of the change.

Training and workshops

That given from one or more coach and days in the several subjects.


One to One session that giver by hour

Meditation and yoga sessions

Can be one to one or group of people

Discussion meetings

Any Subject that related to our activities it can be up to 50 Person.

Services Provide to Our Coaches

The center aims to focus the Coach on his training material and give them more time to prepare and take care of all the details of the scientific material for that, so we take care about all details of management activities.

List of our Services


Receiving calls and coordinate with clients of coaches and manage the schedules and follow us the appointments.

Meeting Room and Office room

Available in our center to book it for all day of the week.


Collection of client’s payments by cash, Online VISA or Mastercard.


For the coaches and the clients for example (Drinks and Snacks).

Valet Parking

For the couches and the clients of them Free of charge.


All kinds of stationary (papers, pin, Projector …etc.)