I'm Amir Muhsen

Neuro Training Teacher

About Me

Aged 26, I was diagnosed with crohn's disease. Luckily, by finding out about alternative medicine, I gradually started to feel physically and mentally healthier. After the disease was vanished, I decided to study alternative medicine in depth, leading me to travel to France, Germany, Thailand, Canary Island, India, England, Egypt and Australia to further my knowledge around the alternative medicine field as it has scientific and spiritual teachings, each modality has its own unique approaches and results which makes me wonder around the world.

This long journey changed me as a person for the better and enlightened me in numerous ways, I’m still expanding my knowledge and using it to serve humanity and to make the world a better place. Through my journey of learning, I studied Neuro training (Kinesiology), multiple types of energy work. Yet meditation stood out to me the most and ever since I adapted to it, it changed me to the better and made me see things which were completely blurred in the past."

I am Specialised in

Neuro Training teacher & practitioner, one among 2 teachers in Asia.
Siam reiki master teacher.
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.
The journey method.